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Welcome to Regnier Cakes Online Decorating Classes

These classes have been designed and created for you by our award winning pastry chef and owner of Regnier Cakes, Melina
Melina has been trained in cakes, pastries and desserts by some of the industries best award winning cake decorators and pastry chefs.
She has created cakes and desserts for high profile Australian TV personalities and celebrities
Melina has over 24 years of experience perfecting her skills to bring you these quick, easy videos to learn the tricks of the trade without the fancy equipment


Why choose these online classes?

Do you find searching social media intimidating? To many people trying to get information to you without any formal training, or you try their technique and it fails? Watching endless videos that require you to purchase fancy ingredients or expensive tools and equipment.

Well these courses give you the basics, no fancy stuff, use what you have. Do you really think those big cake kitchens have endless amounts of tools and equipment.

They don't !!!!!!

Melina takes you into her kitchen and tells you the secrets to creating the most stunning cakes, creative techniques that you can replicate at home.

Once you learn these techniques, the designs you can create are endless.