About Me and My Courses

This is me

Bread Maker, Pastry Chef and Cake Designer.

Old school country baker, designing rustic, natural desserts and cakes.

As humans we are not perfect, nature is not perfect, the world is not perfect, so our cakes do not need to be perfect either.

Take a step back in time.

When I did my first cake decorating course at 13 years old, (yes I was the youngest in the class by 50 + years) we didn't have fancy tools and equipment. The ladies in the class taught me to use household items, textures from vases and baskets, hat pins, even using everyday house hold utensils.

This started my obsession with taking inspiration from the elements around me.

3 years on - Starting my apprenticeship. 

I first trained in bread, learning the science behind how ingredients work with each other, using techniques that go back centuries. It was a pretty amazing learning experience. Then there was my love of cakes and pastries which needed to be fulfilled. Half way through my apprenticeship I started my cake training in a wholesale factory. With just a turn table and pallet knife, I was armed and ready to take on the days of icing 600 cakes per shift. 

How do you get close to perfection? you don't. You just keep trying and keep doing it over and over again, and be you.

Fast forward to the present day.

My Courses.

Every person is different. How I ice a cake will be different from you or the local bakery. There is no right or wrong way. There is just love for what you do, and a imagination to create something spectacular.

Armed with the same pallet knife I used the first day of my cake apprenticeship. (seriously, I got it in my tool box from when we did our first day at William Angliss Trade School) and a newer turn table, only 10 years old, I created these courses. Yes there are a few more pieces of equipment you will need to pull out from the cupboard, but the moral of the story is you can create something with what you find at home. 

The worst thing I find when doing a class, is waiting for all those fancy tools to arrive. If I want to make something, I want to make it with a quick trip to the supermarket. Then get straight into creating. 

Welcome to the Regnier Cakes Online Courses


Behind the Scenes

Starting this courses has been a long time coming. 

I love teaching others, I am passionate about my industry and I can talk about it for hours and even days.

I have no problem getting up in front of 200 wedding industry professionals and speaking about what motivates me, why I do what I do. I don't even have a problem motivating and educating others in my field.

I can be in a room of 30 teenager's and train them on something they don't really have a interest in. And still love what I do.

I can dance the Cha Cha in front of a camera, and at a gala ball without a care in the world, with the support of my teacher next to me, to get me through.

But getting up in front of a camera, to be the center of attention and film these courses was one of the most frightening moments in my life. Me with my nasally voice, and rough/loud working habits. You will hear me bang the pallet knife on the bench, stick my finger in the side of a cake, forget to measure the baking paper. But that's me, I'm not perfect. I'm nervous, scared and passionate all at the same time. I did it, because I believe in myself and I believe in you.

The fear will go, step out of your comfort zone and try. If you fail, make a mistake, drop a cake on the ground. Who cares, start again, fix the mistake, throw that cake out (please don't feed it to someone) and keep going.


"If you LOVE what you do, you will never work a day in your life!" Marc Anthony