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Regnier Cakes

Basic Buttercream Icing Class

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Want to learn the basics of buttercream icing?

Want to learn 4 techniques to use over and over again?

Want to learn to do this from home with just standard decorating tools?

Wanting to practice your cake skills to make your way into the food industry?

Love making your kids cakes but want to upskill?

Do you love baking for the family and want to learn more?

Then these courses are for you

In this online class you will learn to create some basic buttercream textures including smooth, unfinished edges, lines, and rough texture.

This course is designed for those wanting to brush up on basic buttercream skills before mastering our other techniques. 

Perfect for school and trade students, parents who like to make their kids cakes, and those who just love baking cakes. Easy to do from the comfort of your home with basic cakes decorating equipment required.

This is a beginner level course

Start by learning how to crumb coat a cake and prepare it for your top coat of icing.

Followed range of 4 textures to practice with.

Unlimited free access to our recipes, tips and tricks page

Buttercream recipe & video

Easy cake mix recipe & video

and more

What you will need to start creating straight away

A cake of your choosing, (find some recipes on our website) Batch of buttercream (recipe and how to on our website) lazy susan or cake turn table tea towel, cleaning cloths, food colours (if you want colour), mixing bowl, plastic spatulas, stainless pallet knives, plastic cake scraper. Cake board, fondant icing scrap, decoration pieces (chocolates, flowers, dried fruits) piping bags, scissors