Food Wedding Trends for 2018/2019

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August 8, 2018
Vegan Wedding and Birthday Cakes, Melbourne.
March 14, 2019

Are you a Foodie?

If you are, there is no better time to get married then now. Options for gourmet foods, buffets, platters, Cheeses, wines, desserts……… my mouth is watering just typing this.

Here are the Hottest trends in Melbourne for a Foodie wedding.

Wine Region Yarra Valley/Mornington Peninsula

What can you say, local fresh produce and wine, the best of what country Victoria has to offer. Most wineries and restaurants in these areas will buy from local farmers and businesses which makes your event even more special. But its the quality you get from the food, mixed with the talented chefs of the regions, that makes your reception a talking point for years to come. Great for medium sized weddings 80-120 people

Antipasto buffet /Cheese wheel tower

Before or after dinner?

Who cares, cheese and antipasto is best served all through the night. If you do it properly its an incredible master piece. Buffets filled with cured meats, Giant wheels of cheese, fruits, chutneys, fresh marinated olives, pickled veggies, artisan bread yum yum yum and yum!!! The bigger the better. Perfect for larger weddings.

Gourmet 3 course meal

With so many great caterers popping up over Melbourne, they all offer something a little different. Chef to the stars David Kolembus owns and operates Your private chef. Catering from small dinner parties of 6 guests, to large events in the 1000’s. His gourmet 3 course meal is incredible and you can have it anywhere!!!!. A huge selection to choose from, all created by his team of talented qualified chefs, which will cook at your location for you. How can you go wrong.

Food Truck

The love we have for markets and fun foods. If you are having your wedding outdoors, on a big property, or even in the park, a food truck is a great idea. Wood fired pizzas, paella, smoked bbq meats, hamburgers so many options. The only issue is choosing what you love most. Food trucks are great for those country weddings with 100 or more guests

Country Picnic

Popular for hens days and bridal showers, summer picnics are becoming more popular. Perfect for a country wedding, supplying blanket and picnic baskets to your guest is a fun way to have a lunch time/twilight wedding. Cold meats and salad, cheeses and meats, wine and cider, cakes and desserts, all finger food sized for all to enjoy while relaxing in the sun. Perfect for smaller intimate weddings.

Dessert buffet

When haven’t you had a problem choosing just one dessert on the menu. If you are anything like me it really is a hard decision. The Dessert buffet is the perfect option, incorporate 10 of your old time favourite desserts, or newest trends in the market. If you find the right Pastry Chef (like me) recreating your favourite chocolate bar, ice cream or lolly in a dessert is easy and oh so much fun. Then all styled into a show stopping centre piece that brings all your wedding elements together. Indoors or outside under the stars, Great for 60-200 guests.

Cake Buffet (just like Meghan and Harry)

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a prince or princess at one time in there lives. The royal wedding of Meghan and Harry really brought a trend that has been quietly floating around for a while, never really making it to the big leagues. The cake buffet!!!!, why have one cake when you can have many, all flavoured, themed, coloured, decorated differently. Choose a flavour each, or have them all the same, just make it a wow factor, really who doesn’t like starring at a table of cakes. Great for 100-300+ guests

Donuts Donuts Donuts

Hummm Donuts. Wow!!! so many options these days. Who remembers going to the footy durning winter and the only thing to lift your head after your team losses is getting the hot jam donuts as you leave the ground. Yes I’m a Melbourne supporter so I have had many of these moments in my lifetime. But who

ever thought that this would become a wedding trend, hot jam donuts, chocolate iced donuts, Krispy creme donuts, lets even have some custard filled donuts. Do what ever you like, its your special day if you want donuts then have your donut. But for those couples that still want a little touch of classy, you can, even with donuts. Theme them in your colours, white, gold, pinks, blues anything you like, pop them on a stand and decorate with fresh flowers and there you go. Move aside cupcake tower the donuts are coming through. Great for all sizes of weddings

Ice Cream cart

Ok we have spoken about cheese, cakes, dessert and even donuts. But what about ice cream. A childhood favourite for all, and there is loads of options to make everyone smile. Feel like a kid again with an ice cream cart, jammed packed with 6-12 flavours, waffle cones, chocolate sauces, sprinkles, oh how much fun. Really ice cream is perfect for every wedding, just watch those stairs or you will have to get the strongest guests to carry the cart to its final destination. What I really love about this new trend is no-one expects it, they just pop in at the right time when no-one is looking, then you hear the screams, oh priceless!!! Perfect for weddings of 60-150

Donut Wall. backdrop to dessert buffet.

Donut tower

Antipasto Buffet (image Fotogenica)

Antipasto buffet (image Fotogenica)

Wine and cheese (image Fotogenica)

Dessert Platter (image Fotogenica)

Dessert buffet (image Fotogenica)

Dessert Buffet (image Fotogenica)

Dessert Buffet (image Fotogenica)

Cake buffet (image Immerse Photography Australia)

Cake buffet (image Immerse Photography Australia)

picnic platter (image Immerse Photography Australia)

3 course meal (image Immerse Photography Australia)

3 course meal (image Immerse Photography Australia)

3 course meal (image Immerse Photography Australia)

Dessert buffet (image Immerse Photography Australia)