Coffee or Tea which do you prefer

Spring wedding cake buffet, Melbourne
July 10, 2017
Christmas is coming to town!!!!!!!
November 9, 2017

Opening our little cake shop made me aware of how many options of coffee and tea there really is. Melbourne is on trend and in bayside the residents know what a good coffee and tea should taste like. There is no use purchasing a basic brand, nor going for a big brand name, neither will satisfy our clients palate’s. its all about being different enough to bring in the locals but to also making a statement to bring them back time and time again.

Our Coffee!!!!

When choosing our coffee supplier we went with the recommendation from our mates from local bayside breweries. I wanted to find someone who had a passion for his item, with blend that would match our sweet product, and a flare for creativeness. Omar the marvellous coffee bird had all of this and more. The co owner Dean is such a inspiration, support and all round good guy. Omar’s coffee is perfect, roasted onsite out of there Gardenvale cafe, freshly delivered every week and brewed to a recipe of White blend and black blend so everyday and every coffee is perfect. If you haven’t tried our coffee, stop by for a cup its well worth the visit.

Our Tea!!!!!

I have been running high tea events for over 4 years now and over this time I narrowed my tea search down to 2 companies.

Our blooming teas.

From a local supplier in Cheltenham called tea blossoms, they stock the largest range of blooming teas that I have seen with over 30 flavour combinations, it’s always hard to choose just six to stock. Luckily we like changing our menu, so we always have something new to try. We try and keep at least one of each a black, green and white tea in stock so everyone has an options. But wow the flavours are incredible mixed with marigold, jasmine, rosella, mango, lemon, peach the list goes on. If you are not a tea drinker I suggest trying one of these, it will convert you. share a pot or two with friends, or save it for yourself. We also stock clear pots and blooming balls in our retail area which are perfect for gifts.

Our loose leaf tea have it hot or try our ice tea range.

I found Teas by Birdy while holidaying with my mother in Harvey bay. We went to a local farmers market and walked past this little tea supplier, the lady offered us a refreshing cup of pina colda ice tea. She explained to us how easy it was to create your own yummy ice tea at home with no boiling of the kettle. I think mum and I brought 6 ice tea flavours to try and made them all up that night. We were hooked. But we didn’t stop there, 4 days later we ran into teas by Birdy again at a street festival in a country town, so we decide to buy 12 more mixed hot brew teas to try. 3 years later we stock over 10 different flavours of cold and hot blend teas, all with there unique flavours and combinations. Packets also available to purchase in our retail area.

So if your a tea drinker or a coffee drinker, we stock the best of both worlds. So come by and check out our little coffee, cake and dessert bar 162 Weatherall road Cheltenham.

Open Thursday -Sunday 8am-4pm.

While your here don’t forget to try some delicious cakes or even have some fresh scones with jam and cream.


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