Party Birthday Cakes Range

Coffee, Cake and Dessert Bar Cheltenham
March 21, 2017
Devonshire tea in bayside
June 19, 2017

Our new range of party and dessert cakes is here.

Let’s party and have fun, with this range of cakes. Pre designed to help you with the finished product, but you can still choose your flavour, colour and added extras to really personalise these cakes.

The luscious dessert cake range is designed for those who are dessert crazy, Made with award winning mud cake, mouthwatering fillings and decorated to match.

Perfect for any party, or just for fun.

Easy to order online or in store Regnier Cakes coffee cake ad dessert bar. 162 Weatherall road, Cheltenham.


Confetti Cake

Movie Popcorn cake

Rainbow lolly cake

Blue and green lolly cake

Halo Cake







Death by salted caramel dessert cake

Banana Rama dessert cake

Berry explosion dessert cake