Shabby Chic Dessert buffet at Pier 10 on the Mornington Peninsula

Elegant Beachside Wedding Dessert Buffet Mornington Peninsula
April 15, 2015
Semi Naked Wedding Cake Collection Melbourne
February 1, 2016

March was a massive month for wedding not to mention dessert buffets. I really love doing buffets, I get to create so many yummy desserts. Sometimes I even get to spread my wings and create personalised items for the bride and groom. Sarah and Jon Paul came to me with only one small issue, JP was Gluten intolerant. That didn’t stop us, we designed a range of desserts to cater perfectly for him. Gluten free these days doesn’t mean food with no flavour or hard and heavy. Over 80% of our desserts/fillings/flavours can be made gluten free and no one will no the difference.

This was the first time we got to set up a Wedding at pier 10 on the Mornington Peninsula, and what a venue. There amazing corrugated metal wall set the back drop of the buffet. With Sarah’s elegant shabby chic colouring of mint, pastel pinks and peach with textures of lace all suited the venue perfectly. Beautifully styled by Lottie and Me

The centre piece of the Buffet was picked by Sarah, having her heart set on a naked wedding cake, this one was chocolate sponge, chocolate filling and ozzy salted caramel. Other Regnier Cake Desserts included berry cheese cakes, sticky date puddings, cookie dough balls, apple pies and lemon tarts, and a arrangement of gluten free treats house made musk sticks, meringues, cherry ripe and white berry passion dessert stacks, white chocolate and dark chocolate cupcakes and macarons.

The buffets finishing touches included fresh flowers from Poppy Culture and white ink labels from Little sister Invitations

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