Wedding Cake trends for 2015

The Dessert Buffet Collective suspended/hanging collection
February 8, 2015
Gold and Black Dessert Buffet Beauty at the Willows Melbourne
March 29, 2015

Wow!!!! we saw some beautiful cake designs come through over the past couple of years and how can we top that.

As a new year starts so does a new trend, although we are still seeing styles flow through from those who planned there weddings over a year ago, we are also seeing new looks to older designs.

Naked Cakes- naked cakes were one of the biggest changes in the cake industry over the last 12 months. Traditionally coming from the vision of the old fashion Sponge cake, these tiered naked beauties have taken a modern twist with new fillings flavours to complement the modern bride. The most common flavours being chocolate and salted caramel and Lemon and Raspberry, top this off with fresh blooms and you have a very creative rustic style cake. But why stop there, on it’s way for 2015 is the semi naked cake, this has a very light layer of buttercream icing brushed over the outside to give the cake a little bit of a neater finish.

Buttercream cakes- I hope buttercream cakes never go out of fashion, these are by far my favourite. With endless colours, amazing textures and top off with the perfect fresh blooms, these cake can be designed to suit every wedding (and oh so delicious) for a elegant ballroom weeding go for a smooth finish with flowers cascading across the front and even some bling ribbon to put the final ballroom touch. For the relax beachy/reception elegant, lines around the cake and just a selection of mixed fresh blooms on top will finish the cake perfectly. For the outside garden look or rustic style, go for a rough finish icing and mixed fresh flowers scatted down the cake.

Colours and flowers- in the last few years we have been seeing lots of whites, ivory and pastel colours. Now coming to trend, the pop of colour. Still using those pastel tones brides are opting for a little splash of colour cerise pink, yellow, orange all in vibrant tones, and with the wide range of floral’s available in Melbourne why wouldn’t you choose something a little more fun. But if bright coloured flowers are not for you, we are also seeing a big trend on ombre cakes, navy, yellow, mint green and coral being the main colours with deeper tones starting at the base of the cake moving to lighter tones at the top. These Ombre cakes are being done in both buttercream and fondant to suit all styles of weddings.

Little bit of frills and sparkle- Metallic’s have been around for a few season now, as has been frills. But the shades of metallics and styles of frills are changing. Ruffle frills are still making a big appearance however brides are looking for a more cluster of frills then just lines around the tiers. Gold, copper, and bronze are the new silver, everyone loves a little bit of sparkle, you can now even get edible sequins and glitter to really bring these cakes to life. Finish off with a statement flowers, or some stencilling, and your done.

That WOW factor- Every year I try and create something different, keeping an eye on trends from overseas. Last year it was the dessert jars which are still very popular today, I created these because I just don’t like cup cakes. These little jars of yummy cake and indulgent fillings look amazing stacked on tables, cake stands or given to guest for bonbonierres. Then there are our Dessert buffets (seeing a dessert trend) As a pastry chef i’m all about offering yummy cakes and desserts and the Dessert buffet was the best way I could offer this, with over 120 desserts, flavours and fillings there is something for everyone. This Years trend is our hanging cakes and buffets. We have designed a range of hanging bases and structures to fit in with our style bride, although I love bling these are not bling, they are not for the big weddings or for brides that have a big budget. They are for the everyday bride, rustic weddings, gardens barns, seaside, winery weddings. We will hang from anywhere we can, and if there is nowhere you can find to hang the cake from we will hang it from our custom made raw wood arch. Designs are endless and very affordable.

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