Wedding cake trends Melbourne 2013-2014

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September 26, 2013
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March 16, 2014

It’s that time of year again to have a look at best and most popular wedding cake designs and trends for the coming year.

last year there was a huge rise in vintage style cakes, this is still the case but what is vintage now?

20’s and 30’s designs with lots of pearls, feathers, large flowers and metallic lusta finishes. Inspiration from Hollywood movies like the Great Gatsby.

50’s lush pastel colour’s, pretty flower sprays, frills and simple lace bring the 50’s style back to life.

Rustic is in!!! fluffy rich butter cream icing and fresh flowers, or old fashion tiered sponge cakes with no icing just flowers and berries. This is the shabby chic look, lots of natural products like wooden creates, chalk boards, old suitcase and trunks, paper crafts anything that is DIY is in.

What is on it’s way from oversea’s

America has a huge influence on our style. Last year lolly buffets where the thing, just like cupcakes before that. But whats next. Dessert buffets with lots on yummy treats to impress your guests, deconstructed cakes in jars, pops, Macaron’s, and loads of biscuits and cookies. You just have to look at the amazing photo’s from Martha Stewart, to see what ideas you can come up with. If you want to save money it’s easy to DIY or if your stuck for time hire the professionals to make your dreams come to life.

Simple is best.

However if your not a DIY person or like the vintage touch. The new modern is keep it simple. Fondant covered cakes with a little lace or bling trim and some statement flowers may be more your style. Lift it up with a cake stand to give your cake a little more life and presto.. you have the center piece you dreamed of.

Remember when choosing your cake simply or extravagant. The more information and wedding ideas you can give to your cake decorator,the more he or she can design something perfect and unique just for you.

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